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dieing to live

Location: Manitoba, Canada

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Confession

How great is our God?
He lifts us when we have nothing left to live for
He heals us when our scars reappear
And he is always persuing us
No matter where we are
There is always a chance
As long as we're alive

I lift Your name up to the heavens
Because this earth will never satisfy
For it's always been You
So search my heart, my soul, these eyes
Gouge them out and make something new
For with my eyes i commit adultry
Every moment that i see him
I just want to be free
To be able to live for You
The way that it's meant to be
Fearless and shameless
With a hint of courage and Your bravery
Your love and Your Joy
Your reality To gravely
Confess that i have no power
And therefore seek no glory
In any of this at all
I am simply from You
But because of that i am of You
And from this confession
I dare to say the words
i love You


This is a battlecry
for the mind
for the heart
beating inside
For love disguised in pride
For the hope as it drives us
For the tears as they fall down these
Porciline faces
For the saints as they cry for us
For Jesus as he wept and died for us
For these wooden crosses
as they land
in the heartbeat of a moment
On stollen hearts

A Glass of Water

A glass of water is not sweet, it is not sour, salty, or flavored in anyway, and yet it replenishes the body. It has no taste, yet on some days, it leaves you thirsting for more. Love is like that. This love that we say we are called to is not a dry love. Water is found benieth the surface of the earth, so it went through dirt to get to where it is today. Love is like that too.
The only true love is the love that replenishes the soul without needing a photograph, a letter, a face, or even their laughter.
God is like that, though he sent us a letter. Though i can't see him in photograph, though i can't hear him speak, not even his laughter, when i think of our Father, Pure Joy rains upon the withered flower.
His water is like that.

Send us your water for we need you now.
our spirits are empty, but we know that somehow
you will restore us to life
just like you promised to
Jesus we need your water
Yes, we need you
-Mike Flute

i sing that song as a prayer today, for all of you who need spiritual rains to poar upon you.