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dieing to live

Location: Manitoba, Canada

Thursday, April 13, 2006

How do i sift the past few months? things have changed, things i can not explain, nor do i have the knowladge as to how they changed, they just did. How do these things just seem to happen for no reason at all? And all that i thought is gone, all my theories have just disappeared for the second that i'm here. running my fingers through my hair, stareing at the floor im on my knees, trying to figure out just how this has been completed. while i wasn't watching the other me slipped through the doors and shattered what i called life, and now i'm afraid to cry because it stings. i'm not afraid of life, and i am not afraid of death. but still i feel i ma not comeing to any conclusion at all....................................
In a hole,
yours in truth,
Shmiftworth (for the moment)
it'd be awesome if someone would reply to this, and tell me that they understand it.
The cajiebled meaning of life rocks. its sweet that it will never be a CAT test!!!! and yet, the words multiple choise ring a few bells.