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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Blanket of Fire, I've Layed Down my pride

i kneel down before you
and i bow my head
there's no way i can ignore you
cause your radiance has spread

A blanket of fire
is wrapped around my frailties
a banquet of flowers
replaces them all

Corridores mark different spaces
places dear to your heart
the dungeon of my soal has been open
the locks have been broken
as your love has set us apart

the waves have receaded
the evil has retreated
as your glance has destroied its dark
your love has prevailed again
victory is ours
yuour fire has been revealed again
and triumphed over the evil's black heart

and here i am standing strong
my sword drawn
and my shield at my side
i'm ready to fight again
for i have layed my pride aside
with the promise of a new life.
with the promise of a new life.


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