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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fill my cup

Weeks become short as days as you call my name. my day will come swiftly and last only for a second. You have planned much for me and yet I have not noticed. I do not deserve it.
The sun is on fast forward, rewind is not an option. The moon never skips a beat.
The heat of the summer and the chill of the knowledge that winter will soon take place is not reassuring. But even through the seasons, good or not; you hold up my head, and show me that my crowns come from you, but my kingdoms are from another place.

I haven’t been looking forward, I have only been looking back, wanting to change things that I cannot. Reaching back, wanting to hold on as I am thrust forward. Grasping at the past, when you tell me to let go.

Right now I am gasping for breath that only comes from you. The first breath you breathed into Adam; the breath of life. Because I have stumbled in the battle field. There was a sword thrust into my breast, and now it has been gently taken out, freeing me of the pain. Now I need to fill this hole, before something else takes the place of my heart.


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