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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Burning

Today I’m burning a few things
Some words I thought I’d never say
A picture of him, under my pillow, stashed away
Some things I thought I wasn’t forgiven for
Some reasons I thought I didn’t deserve to live no more


(But) in the past few days
You’ve shown me there’s a way
If I just pray
You’ll call my name
And bring me back to you
And there will be no tension
The relationship won’t be strained
But there will be something gained
When you call my name
And bring me back to you


Reaching for the last match
I break
And start thinking about the past again
What if I hadn’t paid
A little more attention?
What if I actually said the things I wanted to say?
I’m glad I didn’t, and you spared me anyway


Here you are every morning
Pumping me up so I can start up again
Saying, “today is a new day
Get up and I’ll give you another chance at The Great Race”
I can’t see your expression
But I know it would be your game face
You’re ready to play


You wake me up every morning
And storm this castles gates
Though broken down, you know there is somebody inside
Sleeping, waiting for day
To break the dawn
With a new prayer
With a new song
For a new sake
To right a new wrong
I turn to face you, God
To hold your gaze, knowing you’re not gone
Just invisible to the naked eye
You’re the new day
Sometimes the whisper through the trees
As you call to me
The Spirit, alive, warm in my body
The ever reaching glow of the setting sun
The never ceasing show of brightness in the heavens
You hold my gaze
Like a good friend shakes an others hand
You say, “Welcome to a new day, a new start, a new chance at The Great Race.”


Here you are, always
To witness my mistakes
Showing me there is always a way
To clear this slate
And get out of this state
By the calling of my name
As you bring me back to you
As I strike the match
And this paper turns to flames
I’m burning up my past
At the beginning of a new day
You hold my gaze
An invisible embrace
As you call my name
And bring me back to you


Blogger Nunzia said...

isn't it amazing to know that no matter how far away we fall, we can always return to Him? beautiful post! thanks for sharing!

Tuesday, 25 October, 2005  
Blogger Prayer Warrior said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

He is always there for us. No matter what happened, he know exactly how we feel. All we need is to trust him by faith. Amen!

I have link yours to my blog, hope you dont mind too! Great post!

Thursday, 27 October, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love GOD ALMIGHTY, especially when he's crushing the islamic iraqi infidels!

Saturday, 05 November, 2005  

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